The Durabone Prophecies

Frederick Douglas Harper

Chapter   1 Denise’s Dilemma: Time Running Out
Chapter   2 The Last Supper?
Chapter   3 Home Alone: First Passion
Chapter   4 Off to Chicago
Chapter   5 The Conference Speech: “Total Body Management”
Chapter   6 Questions, Autographs, and a Beautiful Woman
Chapter   7 Brotherly Reunion
Chapter   8 Brothers Chillin’ at Franklin’s Apartment
Chapter   9 The Relationship Counseling Group: First Meeting
Chapter 10 Confrontation and a Prophetic Warning
Chapter 11 The Morning After: Abe and Dorothy
Chapter 12 Freedom, Peace, and Reflections
Chapter 13 The Relationship Counseling Group: Second Meeting
Chapter 14 Franklin Visits Christina in Chicago
Chapter 15 Second Counseling Session with Denise
Chapter 16 Liberation and Celebration: Girls’ Night
Chapter 17 Franklin’s Meetings at Capitol Hill University
Chapter 18 A 1999 Christmas Holiday Season to Remember
Chapter 19 Death Be Still
Chapter 20 Cherry Blossom Weekend in Washington
Chapter 21 Mother and Daughter: Conflict Erupts
Chapter 22 Franklin’s Soliloquy on Life and Self
Chapter 23 People and Pieces
Chapter 24 Lovers in Paris
Chapter 25 University Seminar: “Pleasure versus Meaning”
Chapter 26 Franklin Meets His Future Son-in-Law
Chapter 27 Franklin’s Holidays 2000 with Christina and Angel
Chapter 28 When Things Fall Apart
Chapter 29 Prophesied Triangle and the Shadow of Death
Chapter 30 Aftermath: The Crime Scene
Chapter 31 Near Death Experience
Chapter 32 Consequences and Reactions
Chapter 33 Surprising Events at the Hospital
Chapter 34 Mama Durabone’s Visit and More
Chapter 35 Home Recovery and Prophecies
Chapter 36 More Prophecies
Chapter 37 Return of Sissy with a Surprise
Chapter 38 Christina Visits: To Help and to Hold
Chapter 39 Interpretation of the Durabone Prophecies
Chapter 40 Decisions
Chapter 41 Christina’s Graduation and Transition
Chapter 42 The Durabone Wedding
Chapter 43 Turning Points and New Beginnings
Chapter 44 Time’s Changes
Chapter 45 Reflections on Pieces of a Puzzle
Chapter 46 The Death Prophecy
Chapter 47 The Prophetic Numbers
Chapter 48 TV Interview: The Durabone Prophecies
Chapter 49 Toward a New World Order